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Study with us...


CD albums are available, free of charge.  Terry and Mitch prepare their teachings through the leading of the Holy Spirit.  They rely on the promise of John 14:26, which says,  "(the Holy Spirit) will teach (us) all things and bring all things to (our) remembrance."  

The recordings are relaxed and conversational to engage your attention.   Terry and Mitch will explain scripture within the context it is written, and challenge you to study the scripture references given.   It is through receiving your own revelation of scripture, knowing it in your heart, that you grow in understanding and wisdom of God's word.

During the day


Commuting to work or school, working at home or during your personal study time, we'd like to study with you.  Albums are formatted with two to three tracks per CD.  Each of the tracks is approximately 25 - 30 minutes long.

Hearing the word of God increases our faith, according to Romans 10:17.  Our relationship with God becomes more real to us as we get to know who He is and who we are in Christ.

Study groups


Today Forward  is focused on people studying God's word so they can teach others.  One successful way of doing this is to listen to one track and then follow with discussion.  Every teaching mentions a number of Bible references to help guide the discussion and allow the participants to see how one scripture compliments another.

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