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Mitch Powell and Terry May began their friendship in November 2012. It would have been easy for them to have a chance meeting during the 30 years they've lived just 25 miles from one another.  However, it was at God's appointed time the two met at a conference in Dallas, Texas  in 2012.   Both have been called to teach the abundance of God's love so others can have victory over every circumstance of life. 


Terry May


Raised on the family farm, where he and wife, Ann, still live, Terry has been a farmer/stockman all his life.  “The whole picture of seed time and harvest, spoken about so often by Jesus,  is very clear to me.  I know the Word of God has to be planted in a person’s heart and nurtured in order for it to grow.” 

Terry attended Bible college in Colorado Springs and is a licensed minister.  He teaches weekly study groups and serves on the board where attending church.



Mitch Powell


Mitch and his wife, Nancy, had a vision of Today Forward Ministry many years ago but waited for God to provide the timing.  “I was able to retire early from full time employment and devote considerable time to studying God’s Word.  The Lord taught me through revelation of scripture and opened doors for many teaching opportunities.   Every believer can hear from God regarding when and what to pursue in life. I teach what I have learned because God’s plan for our life is always so much better than anything we could imagine.”

Mitch, an ordained minister of the Christian Church, conducts weekly study groups and is a church elder.

Your relationship with God


Our goal is to help believers grow in knowledge and understanding in their walk with the Lord.  Knowing that the Spirit of God lives within every believer and understanding how the Holy Spirit works within our life is the key to growing in Christian maturity. Through scripture, we uncover the work of the Holy Spirit and how it pertains to daily living.   It is not our mission to change any church’s doctrine.  We are lead by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to nourish the fruit of the Spirit which is within all believers.



What we believe


The Bible was given by inspiration of God and shall not pass away.  The Godhead is one God coexisting in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  We are baptized into the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit.  We are water baptized by another believer, and we receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost by the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.  Signs and wonders will follow the teaching of the Gospel.  There is a literal heaven and hell and God has given us the freedom to choose.  Believers compose the church which is the body of Christ, and Jesus is the head of the church.









Guest speaker


Terry and Mitch are available to be guest speakers or to conduct teaching seminars at churches, camps, veteran's events, or where needed.   For information regarding a program, please send your inquiry using  the contact form.


Recorded teachings are available on the Audio and Video pages of this website.  New titles will be added frequently, so please check with us often.


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